Cards for Everyone!

Goal #18 in my 365 in 365 project is to send more cards but, in order to do that I need your help.  I’ve created a form for you, my reader and friend, to fill out so I can send you cards.  There are two promises that come with the form.  First, your information will be kept completely private.  I am the only person who will ever see the information other than the mail person who picks up the cards at the post office.  Second, I won’t overload you with ridiculous cards.  Mostly, I plan to send them out for holidays and any special events.

So please help me out and fill out the form.  Valentine’s day is right around the corner!



11 thoughts on “Cards for Everyone!

  1. Hi Cassie! Sure I’ll help out 🙂 Who doesn’t love getting cards? And I promise to send cards back if you include the return address on them.

    I can’t wait to hear from you!

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  5. I got a birthday card the other day from you and just wanted to say thank you! I was having a pretty crummy day and getting this in the mail really lifted my spirits!

    so thank you again, and I hope you have wonderful day!

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