One Sentence

One sentence has stuck with me since the day someone said it to me.

The choices you make dictate the life that you lead.

This one sentence has made me think over and over again and has impacted my life.  But, before I tell you what I think, I want to hear what you think.

10 thoughts on “One Sentence

  1. I don’t think that there is a more true statement out there. I can definitely vouch for that one. Procrastination is a nasty, nasty thing. I do believe that the more you put into succeeding, the more you will get out of life. You can sit around and wait for nothing to happen, or you can do something and make it happen. You are very right, that is a great sentence and I am sure it will stick with me as well.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’ll let you know more about what I think in blog post soon. I really appreciate your input.

  2. I like this statement. As far as my life is concerned the choices and decisions I make on everything are based on what I value. It is a very big picture value of mental/physical health and benevolence. A lot of the choices I make are not necessarily fun (like going the gym when it is 9 degrees, walking the dogs in the snow or trudging through historical biographies) but it translates into my big picture and I feel better because it is the right thing for me.

    • Oh, can I sympathize with the dogs walks in the snow…oye. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I love that you brought up your values. I’ll be touching on that when I finish my blog post. Thanks for another great comment!

  3. In part, yes, but I think you have to go two steps back to see how you react to what Life throws at you and the decisions you make from there…a hot head reactionary person has a significantly different life than the person who rolls with the punches.

    • You make a great point. I think reflection on your actions is extremely important. In fact, a lot of working through my goals is going to involve looking back at the choices I made and how they’ve affected my life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    • Thanks so much for the comment. I think “my failure to make a choice strips me of the power to steer” is a great statement and may need to be added as a compliment to the other.

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