Finding Inspiration

When I need a boost I watch this video.  While I love the song, it’s Danyl Johnson’s passion and enthusiasm that inspires me.  He is putting himself out there, free to be either criticized or praised, for something that he loves.  But, he doesn’t just sing, he puts everything he has into his performance.  You can see how much he loves it.

When someone truly loves something, you can tell by the passion in their eyes.  Watching this video reminds me that if I truly love something, I need to put my all into it.  Failure is a fact of life and it can hurt.  Failing at something you’re passionate about can hurt a lot more.  Nothing I do will be completely successful or rewarding if I’m not passionate about it, though.  If I fail, at least I know I gave it my all.

What are you passionate about?  Where do you find inspiration when you need it?


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