Never Enough

It is a well known fact that there are two things in this world that there are never enough of – time and money.  They are also the two things that stress me out the most and when put together…hello pounding headaches and severe back pain (that’s my body’s reaction to major stress…sounds wonderful, right?).

I have an enormous list of things that I want to do, projects that I want to start, places I want to go, etc. but all of those things require time and almost all of them require money.  Part of the reason that I decided to create my 365 in 365 project was because I’m tired of holding myself back and pushing things aside.  Realistically, though, time and money still hold me back.  I feel like there are not enough hours in the day and I talk myself out of spending money on things that I want but don’t need.  I need to find a way to not feel guilty about spending either thing on something that I want to do but, I haven’t found that yet.

How do you find the time and justify spending the money?  Is it something that you think about?  Or does it not phase you?


11 thoughts on “Never Enough

  1. I spent like a drunken sailor for so many years that I do not have the ability to do so right now. I have been responsible for the past few years but it was not a choice and it was certainly not easy. For me it was a psychological reward for consumption because I felt so empty in other areas….but I didn’t know that at the time! Now when I do spend it is thoughtful consumption and it feels really good. I enjoy the items more because I know it was a choice.

    The time piece is a different story. It took a long time to fully embrace the concept of small victories and being gentle with myself. I still make my lists but they are different. I keep a small notebook of miscellaneous things…..lists of restaurants to try, books to read, makeup to buy, whatever. I tape pictures cut from magazines, phrases, streets in NY to visit. You name it. It is a random collection of me and serves as a living journal of where I have been, am and going. Every now and then I flip through it and feel really good about all the things that I *have* done instead of the things still vexing me.

    The real list of things I actually need/want/can do in the short run are more manageable. I am not going to be fluent in Spanish and visit to Cuba in January so that goes in the notebook…but I can put work on my Spanish on the January list. Does this makes sense to anyone but me?

    • Part of my problem is that for a few years I spent like money was going out of style – whatever and whenever I wanted. Now, I’m very careful about the money that I spend and that’s where the guilt comes in. Thanks to my excessive spending I have a lot of bills to pay and that extra $20 could be an additional payment on top of the minimum due instead of the yoga class I would like to take. the other side of me knows that I can’t go through the next few years of my life avoiding fun because I had too much of it at one point.

      I love your notebook idea. What a great way to keep track! I think your Spanish/Cuba example is great. It’s about doing the little things that work up to the larger things. I think there’s a huge sense of satisfaction in the small victories. I think I’ll take that idea and work with it…working on the smaller parts of the larger picture. Right? Or did I totally take that the wrong way?

  2. I balance it. It took a long time to figure it out and allow myself the “fun”, but now I have places in my budget for it.

    I actually have a “fun allowance” and a “creative endeavor” category spot in my budget where I give myself a set amount of money to do something with. By giving myself some, I stop the splurging.

    As for the time? I find classes I want to take that are right after work so I don’t go home first – once I’m there, I’m done. I multitask where I can, crocheting/crafting during my favorite shows, calling friends while in the car to catch up, cleaning the bathroom while cooking/baking etc.I’m not capable of doing JUST one thing at a time, so I make it work out ok.

    • I love the idea of having a “fun allowance” and a “creative endeavor” category in your budget. I may have to adapt that into my own. My biggest problem is the guilt that I have for spending that money but maybe if I budget for it I won’t feel so bad.

      I’ve started to find things to do right after work because, like you, once I get home I’m not going back out. I’m big on multitasking so I’m able to do a lot at once I think I just need to prioritize what I do and when – like telling myself it’s ok to read my book while dinner is cooking and I can do the laundry while I clean the bathroom instead. The only thing I can’t seem to manage is to read (or drink water) while on the elliptical…I just can’t get those down. 🙂

  3. Time and money have always been an issue. Especially now with both of us being out of work. We have learned to cut our expenses and going out way back. I have plenty of time right now, but no money. When i have money, I don’t have the time. It’s a vicious circle.

  4. Basically what Michael said is the same for me. How about this Cassie, let’s get together (I think we should get CuteElla in on this too) and do what we can to help each other with our “lists” Sometimes the goals are easier with friends giving feedback and ideas? Especially if it’s something one of the others has already done or accomplished. I personally don’t have a “list” but maybe that’s one of my problems? I like your friends notebook idea. I’m going to The Whistling Kettle in Ballston Spa on Sunday with a woman’s group I’m part of. Any interest?

    Michael and I have been talking about having a “game night” here at the house soon. Keep it simple. Maybe have everyone bring something for a snack and play games. Cheap and fun. What do you think? Our biggest problem is how to do the logistics. We have too many friends to fit them all around the dining room table! LOL!

    • I think that through our individual blogs we’re really helping each other with our goals. I’m definitely up for bouncing ideas off of one another and I’m always up for helping friends. I would love to go on Sunday but I’m the manager on duty this weekend and will be hanging out at the hotel all day. Keep me posted though on other ones.

      Game night would be awesome. I think you need to pick a game that can be played in teams like, Pictionary or Scattergories or something like that. That way you don’t need a table…just a space for everyone to sit in.

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