I love to bake!  It is one of my absolute favorite pass times so I worked it into my goals.  Goal #16 in my list of 365 in 365 is to bring one snack a month to work for everyone to share.

Due to budget cuts, our company has stopped providing employee lunches.  It was a benefit that they had provided for years.  The kitchen made one meal each day for everyone to share.  The lunches were a great way to bring everyone together so I figured that I’d do a little bit to help keep that spirit alive.  If nothing else, everyone loves baked goods.  Last night, I made this month’s snack…..


**Pictures will be added later…um, we’ll call it a technical difficulty…*

Muffins may seem like an odd snack but, today is my day to work breakfast so I thought they would be a great pick-me-up for the morning crew.  I made two different kinds: Banana Nut and Blueberry.  I tried one of each to make sure they were suitable and they were great!  Here’s some pictures I took  (or there will be pictures once my laptop and I have a firm discussion about actually working…) and some notes about the recipes:

For the banana nut muffins I used a great recipe from Tyler Florence, one of my favorite Food Network chefs.  The only thing I changed was the type of nuts.  He uses pecans, I used walnuts – it’s just a matter of preference.  It’s best to plan on making these muffins a few days in advance because you need to use the overripe bananas.  It’s best that they be mushy and what most would consider gross but they make fabulous muffins.

I made two changes to the blueberry muffin recipe which I found on All Recipes.  First, fresh blueberries aren’t easy to come by this time of year to I used canned blueberries.  Also, I didn’t sprinkle sugar on the top before I baked them.  That, like the nuts, is a personal preference.

I put some cloth napkins in a metal decorative bucket that I had, filled it with muffins and covered them up.  Easy and cute.

If you have a favorite snack recipe or recipe site, let me know in the comments.  Also, check out Rose’s Recipe Group – you can post your favorite recipes and find recipes that others have tried and loved.

26 thoughts on “Snackage

  1. That’s so sweet of you! I love baking too, but my kitchen kinda sucks to bake in so I don’t do it as much as I’d like. I make a Pear Ginger Muffin that most people LOVE. (Other variations include Apple Cinnimon – awesome! and Peach Ginger and Strawberry Basil – Suggested, not tried yet)

    • Our kitchen is tiny and not the greatest for baking in but I make due with what I have. Pear Ginger muffins sound really interesting and creative. I make Apple Cinnamon Streusel muffins that are my absolute favorite. Actually, anything apple works for me but those muffins are awesome.

    • I’ll keep that one in the database for Fall. Personally, I hate pumpkin…I really want to like it but that and squash just gross me out. However, I make pumpkin stuff to bring to parties because so many people like it and it always goes over well. Thanks for the recipe! Oh, and I love Paula Deen…she seems like she would be so much fun to cook with!

    • My best friend’s mom used to make the best banana nut bread. Simply amazing. She even made it for me for my birthday one year.

      As an aside, every time I hear “Cheerios” I say “pip pip cheerio” in my head. Every. Single. Time. (I know I’m weird…)

  2. Thanks for pimping my recipe group! I hope all of your friends join! I don’t really enjoy baking for some reason. I’m not quite sure why, but it could have to do with doing all the dishes after. I hate doing that! Michael likes to bake though so I’m covered! Yay! Those muffins sound yummy! Way to keep up staff morale! Get posting those recipes on the recipe page! I could just cut and paste them in but I really want them posted by the people that have made them. I’ve made every recipe I posted at least once to test it out.

  3. I thought the flour to fat ratio seemed off in the bacon choc chip cookie recipe (red flag #1) but went with the flow…..I didn’t notice the warning to “not put more than 6 cookies on a sheet or they will spread and you will have a mess” as it was the last line in 5 pages of text/photos (I printed it from a blog). That would have been red flag #2. Oh yeah, that part about the recipe being “adapted” would be read flag #3. Guess my overzealousness for yummy goodness trumped my cooking common sense. They *would* have tasted good if there was enough flour in them to actually pick up more than a chocolate chip or walnut fragment. My pursuit of the swine/chocolate combo goes on…..

  4. Okay – didn’t know what was up with the random avatar assigned to me so I logged in with my actual wordpress account. DUH!

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