January’s Albany Tweetup is on the books and it has a special theme.

I started the Albany Tweetups in the summer of 2009 with Meghan Butler.  It was an idea that came about while live-tweeting the first Social Media Breakfast Tech Valley (SMBTV).  Tweetups are extremely popular in larger cities like New York, Boston, Dallas, etc. but Albany had yet to have one.  So, we decided on a date and a place and put it on Twitter.  About 15 people joined us that night at J.J. Rafferty’s.  It was honestly more people than I expected but I was thrilled that so many wanted to come.  Since then I’ve held several more (since Meghan left us for NYC) and each one attracts more new people.  It’s been an amazing opportunity to meet new people in a friendly and social atmosphere.  I attend a ton of professional networking events but you don’t make friends there.  At the Albany Tweetup I’ve made friends and acquaintances that I enjoy talking to and spending time with.  Plus, it’s an awesome way to put a face to the people that I enjoy following on Twitter.  So, if you have not been to an Albany Tweetup yet, what are you waiting for?

Join us on Thursday, January 28, 2009 for The Sushi Tweetup at Koto Japanese Steak House.  We’ll be meeting there at 6:00pm.  For those that cannot make it to Koto, you are more than welcome to join us after (around 8:00pm) at Wolf’s 1-11 for drinks.

There has been a lot of love for sushi going around Twitter lately so it is our special theme this month.  If you can join us at Koto but you don’t like sushi, no worries, they have a full menu of traditional Japanese cuisine.

If you’ve been to an Albany Tweetup, let me know what you like about them/don’t like about them in the comments.  If you haven’t been, tell me why.



7 thoughts on “Kanpai!

  1. I am so glad you started this Tweetup! I also have enjoyed meeting so many great people. And what could be better than a regular Tweetup? That’s right, a sushi Tweetup! I can not wait for this one. Good sushi and good people will make for an incredible night.

    • Thanks! I’ve really enjoyed the tweetups and it has been very rewarding for me. I’m looking forward to the sushi tweetup. I’m hoping it will attract other local people that may not have come before.

  2. The Tweetups have been great for us to meet new people and make new friends. I remember when we went to the first one and I figured out which table it was and it was just the guys. LOL, but you got there a few minutes later and we had a great time. 🙂 Can’t wait for this one. We love sushi. I wonder if we get the RSVP’s big enough if Koto will give us some sort of break on the bill?

    • Haha…I remember that. Koto has some group platters of sushi which can be split and will cost less than ordering per person. We’ll see how many RSVPs I get before I ask them for anything.

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