A Night Out

As you probably know, one of my goals is to have a night out with my mom once a month.  I love my mom a lot.  She has taught me more things than I could ever possibly list from building professional relationships to how to hang a spoon from my nose.

Professionally, my mom has served as an invaluable resource and I probably would not be where I am had it not been for her tutoring and guidance.  On a personal mother/daughter level, we have gone through severe ups and downs.  Basically, we get along best when we’re not living in the same house.

Up until about a year ago, I lived at home.  I had lived there for about two years because I had lived with my boyfriend and that (thankfully) ended.  Those two years didn’t go the greatest and they ended on a pretty sour note.  Since I moved out again, mom and I are getting along 1,000 times better.  We talk on a pretty regular basis and she and my dad help out a lot by watching Cheyenne and Emma when Kevin and I have long work days.  I made monthly dinners with mom a goal because it is important to me to spend some time with her beyond the brief hellos at her house and phone conversations.

So, last night was our night out.  We had a wonderful dinner at LaSerre Restaurant.  LaSerre is a quaint French restaurant tucked in a side street in downtown Albany.  I had the Chicken ala Florentine and mom had the Veal Oscar.  Both were wonderfully prepared and thoroughly enjoyed.  We sat and chatted for a bit before heading to Capital Repertory Theater for the opening night of Betrayal (thanks Kelly!).  The play was wonderful.  It is a 90 minute play that tells the story of three people – a husband, wife and the husband’s best friend – who are entangled in a love triangle.  The play moves backwards through time.  When the stage went dark at the end, no one could believe it had been an hour and a half.  I highly recommend it.  After the play they had dessert and a champagne toast.  It was extremely crowded so mom and I stayed for the brief speeches and then headed out.

All in all it was a fabulous night and I really think mom enjoyed herself.  I told her I was hoping we could do dinner at least once a month and she loved the idea.  We were even able to plan a future dinner a few months away but it’s something that I’ll have to reserve soon.  I’m looking forward to more dinners with her.  I think it will be great for our relationship and an enjoyable time for both of us.

P.S.  My mother (as far as I know) isn’t aware that I have a blog.  It’s not that I have anything to hide but I like to tell my mother things in person and not have her read it here.  So, don’t expect any supporting comments from her…although if she knew, I think she would comment.


6 thoughts on “A Night Out

  1. That’s great that you gals meet once a month…. Like you, my Mom & I get along as long as we don’t sleep under the same roof (thouh she’s been invited….) I try to cook my parents dinner when they’re in the area 🙂

    • A few nights here and there wouldn’t kill us but extended periods of time just don’t work. It’s great that you cook them dinner when their in the area. I’m sure they really appreciate it.

  2. Sounds like a great night! Like you and your mom, my mom and I have a much better relationship when we’re not living under the same roof…although we can do it. It’s hard.

    I can also say, that my mother knows I have a blog, I bookmarked it for her, and she will not read it. She says, “That’s your piece of the world. It doesn’t need my fingerprints on it too.”

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