Are We Dying?

I hate to admit this but, I was watching Twilight the other day* and something that Bella says to Edward struck a chord.

“I’m dying already. Every second I get closer, older.”

My first thought: “Wow. Morbid, much?”  My second thought: “Well, she’s right.”  From the day that we are born, we are dying.

Do we think about that every day? No.  Should we? No.  What we should do is remember that each day we are here is a gift.  Each day that we are presented with life, we are presented with an opportunity.  It is up to you whether you take that opportunity or not.

Kris Allen’s song “Live Like We’re Dying” has been playing on repeat in my head lately.  I need to work on taking more chances and embracing the opportunities that life presents.  Every day could be my last and I don’t want to leave this world with many “what ifs.”  So I’m working with the motto “what are you waiting for?” from now on.  I’m hoping this will get me moving on some things that I’ve been waiting on for far too long.

What are you waiting for?

“We only got 86,400 seconds in a day to turn it all around or throw it all away.”

*Just to clarify – I was watching it because I couldn’t find anything else and I think the movie is hysterical.


6 thoughts on “Are We Dying?

  1. Perfect timing on this post. I was a bodybuilder when I lived in CA but after 5 years in NY lets say I slowly adopted the “when in Rome” mentality. Two weeks ago I happened to notice a very large guy at the gym and figured I would ask him what show he is training for the next time it is convenient (I am not at all chatty at the gym so there was no real time frame for my inquiry). A week later we are side by side on the treadmill and I ask. Long story short he is a super heavy weight professional bodybuilder (he competes in the Mr. Olympia) and busted my balls about the excuses I have made for losing my motivation. We are now lifting weights together and he seems to think he will get me to compete. I have not had sugar, wine or an unauthorized carb since that conversation and have not felt this good in a long, long time! This is Ben

  2. Thanks! I would not compete in bodybuilding – it would be a different category…but it feels so good to have such passion for it again. Got up at 4:30 this morning to workout before my 7:30am meeting in Saratoga. Sleeping better and I am happy and giggly all the time.

    • I might have been a Twilight fan if I had read the books instead of seeing the movie. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and now I just think it’s hysterical. 🙂

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