Changing Course

When I started 365 Things in 365 Days, I had a plan and I knew what I wanted to accomplish with it.  After thinking about it, I wrote it out and posted it on this blog.  I never evaluated it.  I never made a back up plan.  If it needed to change, I would change it.

It needs to change.

Originally I had planned on this being a revolving list of goals, each with a one year deadline.  However, not every goal I have is going to take me a year to finish.  I have goals that I want done by the end of the month and I have goals that I want done in three months.  That’s where this needs to change.

From here on out my plan is to complete 365 goals by the end of the year.  Deadlines will be set based on the goal.  I’m going to be more active in blogging about my plans and progress in completing these goals.

I’ve updated my list with some new goals.  I will continue to do this and push to complete 365 things before January 4, 2011 (one year from the date I started). This year is about learning, growing, achieving and most importantly – being me.


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