I am thankful for (Week 1)

…amazing friends who I am looking forward to seeing on Thursday.

…my puppies who are always happy to see me.

…my sister who I am beyond excited to see this weekend.

…my job and the challenges that I face every week.

…my mom and dad who have helped me so much.

…growing up and learing to be honest with myeself.


I’ve decided to make this a new Monday feature.  Each Monday I will list a few things for which I am thankful.  If you never comment on any other post, comment on this one.  It’s a positive way to begin the week.

You’re turn to finish the sentence.  What are you thankful for?


2 thoughts on “I am thankful for (Week 1)

  1. …knowing who I am and being okay with that.
    …learning how to not take everything personally.
    …finding a “home” 3000 miles from where I was born.
    …the childlike joy I fell over the dumbest things.
    …sugarfree popcicles.
    …the friends I have made via social media.

  2. …for my friends old and new
    …for a wonderful healthy puppy
    …the fact that I’m a good enough cook that I don’t starve
    …for fond memories of those I’ve lost

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