Having an Off Week

I’m having an off week.  Nothing is wrong I just am not in the mood to do much this week.  Therefore, my goals for this week are sparse but, everyone needs a week off. (Honestly, I think it’s because I’m looking forward to next week.)

Time to review last week…oh boy. *Deep Breath*

  • Have an awesome #AlbanyTweetUp on Thursday. Done! The #AlbanyTweetUp was a success! I had a lot of fun.
  • Go to the gym.  I don’t care how long I’m there.  I just need to start going again. I would have done this but breathing because difficult this week thanks to a cold. Then my voice decided to freak out. I still haven’t fully recovered from that yet.
  • Pay my library fines and start a new book. I haven’t paid my fines yet but I did start a new book. I have to pay those soon since some movies I requested are in.
  • Make appointment with financial planner. It was a nice thought…hopefully this week.
  • Finish Florida photo CD. She’s waited this long for it…
  • JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes prep. I have ideas written down I just need to implement them.
  • Survive the week unscathed so that I can have an awesome time in NYC this weekend. Done. NYC was awesome. I had a great time with my sister and my best friend doing touristy stuff.

Soooo…that week happened. Moving on…

This week I will:

  • Pay my library fines.
  • Make Easter bread on Wednesday.
  • Recover from this cold so I can do more next week.

That’s it…short and sweet.

What are you up to this week?

2 thoughts on “Having an Off Week

  1. Michael beat me to it, but there are plans to ride for sure. I’ve been wanting to sit down and write some blogs to have ready for when I just don’t feel like writing. Hopefully it’ll be easier once Michael isn’t hogging my computer all the time!

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