The Rest is History

This was going to be a post where I explained what happened between my roommate/best friend and I that caused me to move out rather unexpectedly this weekend but, I’m not sure that it’s necessary.  To be honest, I’m kind of over the whole situation.

The ending was not pretty or even cordial.  I did everything I could to make the best of it including offering to pay all the bills I paid (which was everything…) for the month of June and watch his dog while he was away for work.  I was more than nice in my explanation of why I moved out so suddenly…much more nice than I wanted to be or should have been.

In the end, he decided that because of “what I did” our friendship was over.  He was always more focused on himself than anyone else and for that reason he would never and will never be able to see what he did.  Was I at fault for some of the riff that came between us?  I’m sure, in some way, I was because nothing is ever that one sided.  However, my decision was based on everything he did to me that he could never look past his own nose to see.

As I said, our friendship is over.  In situations like this where something has happened to cause an end, I find it pretty easy to cut people out of my life.  (Unlike this situation…)  I don’t need the negativity and, after what he did and said, it would never be the same.  I’m in a good place in my life and am focusing on that.  What happened is history and it doesn’t need to be rehashed or agonized over.  I’m moving forward and not looking back.

(This song has been stuck in my head for a few days now. Even though it’s not totally relevant to my situation, this part pretty much sums it up.)

No one to answer to,
no one that’s gonna argue, no,
And since I got the hold off me,
I’m living life now that I’m free, yeah,

Telling me to get my shit together
now I got my shit together, yeah,
Now I made it through the weather
better days are gonna get better

I’m so sorry that it didn’t work out I’m moving on,
I’m so sorry but it’s over now,
the pain is gone.

(Ridin’ Solo – Jason DeRulo)


One thought on “The Rest is History

  1. Sometimes thats just the best way. Eyes forward…

    And although everything has more than one side, I’ve found that rarely is it split 50/50 when something goes South.

    Congrats on moving on 🙂

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