And I Think To Myself

…what a wonderful world.  I’ve had that song stuck in my head all morning.  It’s an awesome song but I know about 3 lines of it which keep playing over and over again.

How was everyone’s weekend?  Some tornado we had here in Albany, right?  (Or not…)  Even with the funky weather, I had a great weekend.

We went indoor mini golfing while it rained on Sunday.  It takes some time for your eyes to adjust to all the black-lights but it was a lot of fun.  At points it’s hard to tell where the hole is and how you’re supposed to get the ball there.  On one of the holes there’s a big triceratops that you’re supposed to hit the ball under to get to the hole.  Well…I hit the ball a little too hard and it hit the side of the box the triceratops is standing on and my golf ball ricocheted off it and just missed an 80-year-old man’s head.  No joke.  Then, I totally failed at the last hole.  You know…the one that’s supposed to be fool-proof?  You hit it, it goes in a huge hole and you never see your ball again?  That one.  I had to hit my ball in there 4 times.  Just to be clear, though, I still won.

My grandma decided to go through some old pictures this weekend. While she was going through them she pulled out ones that she thought I would like to have.  This is one of my favorites.  It’s my sister Melissa (6) and me (1 month).  I sent her the picture and her response was “My face looks so weird. And you’re a nugget.”  I have no idea how her face looks “weird” since her face is the only thing in that picture that still looks like her but, whatever…that’s her.

And while I was busy doing things this weekend, Emma slept.  She’s a pro at sleeping.  In fact, she can and will sleep just about anywhere as this picture is evidence of.  There’s a couch about 4 feet away, her bed is about 10 feet away and there are several chairs and various comfortable sleeping surfaces within walking distance yet she plops herself down in the middle of the hardwood floor.  Oh Emma…

What did you do this weekend?


3 thoughts on “And I Think To Myself

  1. I did a whole lot of swimming, worked in the garden and hung out with some friends. Indoor mini golf is pretty cool, especially on those windy, rain, invisible tornado days…

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