I’m a Tramp

Funny story for Friday:

As most of you know, I work at a hotel.  In the morning I usually walk out to the lobby and greet guests, help out at the front desk and generally just spend some time in the hotel before I go into the windowless dungeon that is my office.

This morning I was out in the lobby and a little boy of about 5 years old was sitting on a couch with his sister while their mom was checking out.  The little boy had a Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey on so I asked if that was his favorite football team.  He said yes and explained that it was his dad’s favorite team, too.  I told him they were my second favorite team and that my first favorite is the Tennessee Titans.

We talked a little more while his sister sat next to him playing with her doll.  She was quiet so I asked her name and how old she was and tried to get her in on the conversation.  She obliged and told me her name and that she was 8 years old and a few other things about school and her doll Marissa.  Then I made the mistake of asking “what’s your favorite football team?”  Her response (and this is a direct quote):

“I don’t watch football because girls that watch football are tramps…like cheerleaders.”

I was slightly shocked so, making another mistake, I said,

“I’m a girl and I watch football.”

Her response (again, a direct quote),

“Well, I guess you’re a tramp.”

And then she just went back to playing with her doll and her brother kept chatting until their mom came back with a cup of coffee and said it was time to leave.

And that, friends, is how an 8 year old called me a tramp.

13 thoughts on “I’m a Tramp

  1. HAHAH! That is hilarious!!! I want to train my kids to think and say things like that :}

    PS LOVE Your layout! I’m redesigning my wordpress blog and this is what I originally had! Looking good lady.


    • While slightly shocking it was hysterical. I almost replied “I’ve been called worse by better” but caught myself. She is only 8 and the comment would have been lost on her.

      Thanks for the compliment on the layout. I’m looking forward to seeing your new look. 🙂

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