Daddy’s Girl

This picture sits on the nightstand next to my bed.  It’s my dad and I in front of the castle at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.  I don’t remember how old I was but the trip was quite memorable.  It can be summarized by saying it’s the first time I was ever in a hurricane.

Sunday was Father’s Day and we had a great dinner to celebrate dad.  Through all my ups and downs, my dad has always been there for me.  He always listens, offers his advice and a shoulder to lean on.  He’s always making sure that I’m okay and in a good place.  We’ve had our rough patches but through it all he’s been an amazing dad and I am so lucky that he’s my dad.


Hopefully all the dads had an enjoyable Father’s Day and were able to spend some time with their kids (or relaxing without them if that was your wish).

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