Dinner at Wine-n-Diner

Last night after getting my first haircut in a year (maybe 2 years…I don’t really remember) we went to Wine-n-Diner in Delmar for dinner.  I had heard/read some  good things about it and wanted to try it.  Their menu is rather extensive and covers everything from sandwiches and salads to full entrees.  It’s certainly not your average  diner menu and seemed worth a try.

We started with Fried Deviled Brie which is described as “Wedges of Brie bathed in buttermilk and ground mustard, covered in Panko bread crumb. Served w/ Balsamic Glaze.” Since I love melted cheese and anything that involves balsamic I was looking forward to it.  The dish arrived and it looked good.  There were three decent sized wedges of breaded cheese stacked on a plate that had been pattered with balsamic glaze.  Unfortunately, the dish had no flavor.  I expected the mustard to give the brie a little bit of a bite but was met with bland, gooey cheese coated in bland crumbs.  The parts that were on the balsamic were good but the glaze was pretty much glued to the plate which meant it was difficult to get on any other pieces.

Moving on to dinner.  I ordered Classic Macaroni and Cheese. (Are you catching a theme? Cheese…I love it.)  There’s no description on the menu because, well, there shouldn’t have to be.  It comes out in it’s own little dish as if it has been baked just for you.  Again, it looked good (minus the unbaked panko crumbs on top but whatevs).  So, I stuck my fork in and noticed that something seemed to be missing.  After some poking, it seemed like there was a lack of cheese.  Where was my gooey cheese that I love?   After some more deconstruction I found all of this…

Butter...Lots of Butter

It seems as if they had made a cheese sauce that broke or put way too much butter on top before baking because all there was was a lot of butter.  Unfortunately, whatever it was, it made the cheese kind of disappear and again, my dish was bland.  It was like eating noodles with butter and some crusty crumbs.  I was sad…and a little pissed but, mostly sad.

Finally, we had dessert because I had heard the most about how awesome dessert was there.  We ordered Fried Double Stuffed Oreos with Vanilla Ice Cream and Toll-House Pie.

Fried Oreo Goodness

The Fried Oreos were good.  There was one that wasn’t quiet fried enough but they were still good.  The ice cream, however, well…they should probably upgrade to a better brand.  The Toll-House pie was also good but nothing to write home about.  It has marshmallow in it which was an unexpected but welcome surprise.  I would honestly save my $5 per dessert and go down the road to Emack & Bolio’s.

After everything that I heard about the place, I was really disappointed.  The food was mediocre at best and while it is very reasonably priced, it’s not worth it in my opinion.

Two notes that don’t deserve their own paragraph:

  1. There is no wine.  They don’t have their liquor license yet. So it’s not quite Wine-n-Diner yet.
  2. Apparently the banana sauce that is on the table is awesome.  It’s hot so I wouldn’t try it but, I was told it was great.

This is all just my opinion and I’m certainly not a seasoned food critic so, take it for what you will.  Has anyone else been there yet?

4 thoughts on “Dinner at Wine-n-Diner

  1. I dined at the same restaurant last night and had the same appetizer and dessert items you described above.

    As far as the appetizer goes, I really do not understand the motivation behind fried brie. The beauty of a good brie is that it has a silky smooth texture when served barely chilled to room temperature. The texture was all gone when it was fried. As soon as you break the breading, the cheese ran out. The balsamic glaze was difficult to taste because it adhered to the plate.

    For dinner I had Chicken Fried Steak and oysters with fries and gravy. It was a blue plate meal. The portion I got was plentiful, but it was a mediocre chicken fried steak. I learned that fried oysters aren’t really my thing. The gravy was standard, but I was loving the Banana Sauce on the table. It was a red condiment that has the consistency of watered down grape jelly and the taste of a red chile jam. Very tasty. (but they don’t make that, it comes from a bottle like ketchup).

    The desserts were average. It’s been a while since Vanilla Bean Bakery closed and I’ve had their (incredible) toll house pie, so this was a welcome treat. It was slightly above mediocre because of the addition of marshmallow, but the portion size was meager for the price charged. The fried oreos were also decent. They gave 3 fried oreos with a 2-3 tablespoon scoop of ice cream. For $5, it wouldn’t have hurt them to give 5 oreos, considering a box costs $2, but they were your standard fried oreos, nothing special.

    My biggest complaint was that the booth seats were sticky. I would urge the staff to rectify this problem. Also, the whole “Wine”-n-diner was kind of wrong considering they hadn’t been granted a liquor license yet. They also generally don’t honor a BYO policy, except, they made an exception for these old college professors. So I don’t know…

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