Cafe Madison {A Letter}

Dear Cafe Madison,

We have had a long, loving relationship.  I love how cute your little dining area is and your quaint “patio” is fabulous for people watching.  We have had many, many meals together and you know how much I love your breakfast.  But, my dear, sweet Cafe Madison, I must let you go and I do so with a heavy heart.

I’ve been loyal to you for many years but, you know how picky I am about restaurants.  I expect quality service and quality food which is why I loved you.  Sadly, this past weekend, you slipped and I’m a “one strike” kind of girl.

First, you gave me a server that was a few cards short of a full deck.  Then, it took abnormally long for my food to arrive.  When it finally did arrive, I realized why.  Based on the appearance of my eggs, I’m guessing you had a cook that didn’t know how to poach them.  He (or she) probably made several attempts before serving me a bowl with two partly poached, partly sunny side up eggs and a bunch of water.  Vinegar and a slotted spoon, Cafe Madison…that’s all it takes.  I’m guessing that while the cook was fussing with my poached eggs, they probably forgot about my bacon that was frying to a crisp.  And, in all the rush, I’m sure they didn’t realize that they had fried it to the point of charring.

Now, you know I’m not one to complain when asked by the waitress if everything was okay.  Obviously it wasn’t but, I don’t want you to remake my food (you already screwed it up once) and since it was eatable (although not enjoyable) I’ll pay for it.

You disappointed me, Cafe Madison and you know that I don’t like disappointment.  You were so good for so long and now…now I am left with the memory of watery eggs and charred bacon.

This is not good-bye forever.  It is good-bye for now.  You are off the list, Cafe Madison but, maybe one day, I will move past this upsetting memory and give you a second chance.  I wish you all the best and I’m sure you will continue to succeed but I will not be around to experience it.

With hope for the future,



2 thoughts on “Cafe Madison {A Letter}

  1. I dined with Miss Cramer that morning and would like to corroborate this account as well as add a few examples that demonstrate that the staff seemed off their game that day.

    The young lady who seated us was flustered when we entered. It’s not like the place was full to capacity either. I would describe her behavior as unnecessarily surprised and jerky.

    While we were holding and purusing our menus, the server came over and asked what we would like. When Cassie told her she was not ready yet, the server puffed her arms out in a “are you kidding me?” gesture, and it’s not like we had the menus for more than 2 minutes. I’ve seen people do this as a joke, but the server was not smiling.

    Also, our meals arrived well after those of other diners who placed their orders after us. My guess about this was that either the waitress delayed entering the order or the cooking staff couldn’t properly poach eggs.

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