Over the past few days I’ve been feeling completely uninspired.  I don’t have any desire to be creative or work on new projects.  My ideas for everything are totally lacking.  I feel like I’m stagnant – stuck in a hole with no clear way out.

When this happens, I usually use one of my standby “kick starts” to get me going again – going to the gym, yoga or pilates, a trip to the bookstore, etc.  Yet, nothing has seemed to work.

I’ve pretty much determined the problem – I feel like I’m not learning anything.  I’m the type of person who thirsts for knowledge and information.  It has to be relevant to something I’m interested in, though, or I get bored.  I get bored easily…that’s a whole ‘nother issue.

My normal fix for this is to go to the bookstore and find an interesting book that will get my mind working.  I did this last night and couldn’t find anything even remotely appealing.  Part of it was because I’m tired of learning about what I do.  I want to expand my horizons (for lack of a better phrase) but, I couldn’t find the right book to trigger the “a-ha” feeling that I need.

This inspiration-less period is going to take a little longer to cure.  For now, I’m trying to keep busy by working on some new projects.  Maybe it will help me out of the funk and spark some creativity until I can do what I really want.

What do you do when you feel uninspired?

8 thoughts on “Uninspired

  1. For me, I grab the camera and find a waterfall somewhere. It’s beauty really inspires me and reminds me why I love photography so much. And if that doesn’t work, I hop on the bike and take a ride somewhere in the mountains and clear my head.

    • Sometimes I like to just take a drive…hop in the car and go with no real destination or plan. It really helps me clear my head when I’m stressed or have a lot on my mind.

  2. You and I are on the same page, sister! I am a reader and I go to Market Block Books in downtown Troy where the staff always has an interesting selection of completely random and well written books on the table near the register. They also have a lot of staff and customer recs throughout the shelves. I pick up several books at a time and put them on my bookshelf shelf I can get to them. I love learning something or being inspired by people and things that are completely outside of my realm of experience or expertise.

    There are also times where I am just in a funk and have been reinvigorated by going to a local restaurant solo and sitting at the bar to eat something, have a glass of wine and chat with the people around me. I always meet new people with an interesting story and laugh. I have felt salty going in the door and less than an hour later am walking home with a spring in my step – and not from the wine!

    • I love learning something or being inspired by people and things that are completely outside of my realm of experience or expertise.

      Me too! I love to read about things that I have little to no experience with so that I can really learn something.

  3. I go out of my way to find something new. A book I’d not previously have considered reading, a recipe that will challenge me, a craft project that will be a serious undertaking…I have a guitar sitting in my living room waiting for me to learn to play it…that’s my next one.

  4. I find that a trip to the craft store sometimes helps. Otherwise I get a pile of books from the library to occupy me, or just sit and read online until something really grabs my attention….

    • I love to read and that’s why I went to the bookstore. Usually something will pop out at me but, in this case it just wasn’t working. Don’t get me wrong, I still read every night before bed but, it’s just not hitting on the inspiration I need.

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