Kickin’ the Bucket

I love the movie The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.  It’s funny and light-hearted while being kind of insightful.  Every time I’ve watched it, I told myself that I should start a bucket list.  And, every time, I’ve thought of a few things but never really kept track.

Fast forward to Monday when one of my new favorite blogs, I Ask, posted four items on her bucket list and  I thought, “I should do that.”  Then, on Wednesday, my good friend Cute~Ella posted her four things and again, I thought, “I should do that.”  Here we are on Friday and I’m finally doing it.  Maybe this will be the catalyst for me to actually make a real bucket list.  Maybe.

So, without further ado, here are four things from my (still pending) bucket list:

  1. Visit all 7 continents.
  2. Become functionally fluent in 5 languages (yes, this includes English)
  3. Start my own interior decorating business, even if it’s just a side project.
  4. Attend a show in one of the tents at New York Fashion Week.

Seems like a good start.  Feel free to start your bucket list in the comments.

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