Day at the Races

A couple weeks ago, Mom and I head up to Saratoga Race Course for a day of fun.  We stopped at Fresh Market in Latham for some food to bring with us.  Fresh Market had only been open for a day or so and it was crowded.  You could barely move in the store and it seemed like the cashiers weren’t prepared for anyone to buy more than 5 items.  We grabbed some salads from the deli and a couple of drinks and headed out.

Orzo Salad from Fresh Market

When we got to the Track we headed to the club house and grabbed a table on the patio right by the horse’s entrance to the track.  It was the perfect spot to spend the day.  We sat down with our books, our food and some drinks and planned out bets for the day.

Mom Planning Her Bets

We had a great time and we both ended up winning slightly more than we bet.  I was able to take some great pictures, too since we had such an awesome spot and were able to get close the the finish line.

Racing season is over now but, I’m really glad that Mom and I were able to spend a day up there together.  It’s kind of been a long-standing tradition but, in the past few years we’ve been unable to go together.  I’m looking forward to next year and hopefully we’ll be able to go again.

Check out my full set of pictures on Flickr!

2 thoughts on “Day at the Races

    • The people watching was pretty spectacular that day, too. I wish I was bold enough to get pictures of some of it. We were right by the entrance to the “At the Rail Pavilion” which is supposed to be business dress but, some of the people that went in there…oh boy.

      It was so much fun though. Next year we should plan a day to go up and hang out!

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