Meet Melissa

Remember a few months ago when I posted a picture of my sister and I from approximately 24 years ago?  No?  It was this picture…

Melissa, 5 & Me, 1 month

She said I was a “nugget.”  Yeah…

Anyway, a few weeks ago I went down to New York City to spend the weekend with my sister and, as much as we talked about it, we never once took a picture together.  That’s kind of the way we are.  I do have a few pictures of just her, though. Meet my sister, Melissa…

Texting, as usual.  It must run in the family or something.

We had such a fun weekend.  It’s been a long time since we spent a weekend (or really just a day) together.  Whenever we see each other there’s always something else going on with a bunch of other people.

I was in New York for about 36 hours so our time was limited but, we made the most of it.  After I arrived on Saturday, we took a ferry to Governors Island which has some fun stuff on it and amazing views of the city.  We rented bikes and cruised around the island for hours – checking out the old houses, art exhibits and some strange mini-golf.

Trying to move the seat down...

That night we went to dinner at Kittichai which was a fabulous restaurant and we thoroughly enjoyed the food.  The atmosphere is very “date night” but, it’s all decorated beautifully.  After dinner we headed over the the SoHo Grand Hotel and had a drink in their shi-shi lounge.  Then we headed out to The 13th Step which is one of her company’s bars.  We spent the night hanging out with friends, some guy they called Homicide and a bouncer that looked like Danny Trejo.

The next day we went to breakfast at this cute place called Kitchenette.  They had a yummy breakfast and amazing desserts.  Oh!  And strawberry sangria.  Yum!  It was supposed to be raining but, it wasn’t showing any signs of a downpour so we followed our original plan and went to South Street Seaport.  There was a convention at the Seaport for people that are hearing impaired.  It was pretty cool to see upwards of 200 people using sign language and not saying a word.

Next door to the Seaport was The New Amsterdam Farmers Market.  It’s something that apparently only happens once a month and it’s huge.  We started to walk over there and it began to downpour.  Luckily the market is under a bridge so we made our rounds, bought 2 types of dill pickles and something called “Olive Treasure” and caught a cab back to the hotel.

We got completely soaked getting into the cab but, the rain stopped by the time we got to the hotel.  We grabbed our luggage and went to Melissa’s apartment since I had a hour or so until I had to be to Penn.

As I got into the cab outside of her apartment, it was hard to say goodbye to my sister.  It was a whirlwind of a weekend but, it was so nice to spend time with her and we both had so much fun.  She’s always been the one that I can talk to about anything and she’s helped me a ton on so many different things.  We work opposite schedules and live three hours apart so, being able to spend that time together was great.

I’m heading back down to the city on the 17th with derryX and I’m hoping that I’ll get to see her for a little while.  And, if I do get to see here, we can cross one more person off the list of family for derryX to meet.

Side note:  We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn Tribeca and we had a great experience.  The hotel is very new and the staff were extremely pleasant.  I would definitely recommend it and no, this is neither a paid recommendation or because I work for Hilton.


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