I’m Not Cut Out For Buses

When I travel to NYC, I almost always take the train.  For me, it’s the easiest way to get down there and I always arrive on time or only slightly late (20 minutes at the most).  The cost has never really bothered me.  There were a few times where I found the price of tickets a little extreme but, I was usually buying them two days before leaving.  I’m even an Amtrak Guest Rewards member.

Although I have heard a lot about MegaBus and knew people that had taken it, I had never really considered it for two main reasons.  First, I hate being delayed….like really hate.  Being delayed or late is one of the most irritating things to me.  Not to mention that when I usually travel to NYC I’m on a tight schedule and a severe delay due to traffic or whatever can impede that schedule.  Second, the thought of being stuck on a bus with a bunch of random people and no real escape is horrifying to me.  Yes, on a train you are stuck with a bunch of random people but, you can escape to a different car or the snack car.  You have options.

Somehow, while discussing our trip to NYC, MegaBus was brought up as a means of transportation to NYC.  And somehow, I said yes and I even researched and purchased the tickets.  I’m really not sure how this all happened.  I think it was the allure of the $10 ticket and thoughts that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad and we had the whole weekend so a delay going down wouldn’t be the end of my perfect world.  I’m sure it was something like that.  I do know that I only agreed to take it down to NYC but, insisted on taking the train back.  I had my senses about me enough to know that I couldn’t handle it both ways.

The whole thing started off a little wonky.  Since we would be taking the train back, I had the brilliant idea to park in the garage…three parking lots away from where MegaBus picks up.  Brilliant.  As we were walking over to the pick up area, rolling luggage in tow and 2 tote bags on my shoulders since I fail at packing light, my flip flop broke.  The flip part ripped off the foot holding part (my scientific interpretation).  Luckily I come prepared (an advantage of not packing light) and had extra flip flops waiting in a tote bag.  Score.

We make it all the way over to the third parking lot and are about 7 feet from the pick up point when I realize that I put my cell phone in the door of my car and forgot it.  I always forget it when I put there, yet I still do it.  So, I leave derryX with my stuff and start my brisk walk back to the garage.  When you’re only 5′ tall, it’s a long walk.  When I made it back to the car and recovered my cell phone, I decided to move the car to the middle surface lot to save some time.  Little did I know that time was not of the essence.

We waited and waited and waited for the bus to arrive in an open area with a very eclectic mix of people.  When the bus pulled up 45 minutes late, it wasn’t the double decker, roomy bus that I had seen before.  No…it was a standard, probably older model coach and it was full.  Wonderful.

To be continued…

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