I Blame You New Jersey

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I don’t know how anyone can comfortably sit in the MegaBus seats let alone use a laptop.  At 5′ tall, my knees were nearly touching the seat in front of me.  MegaBus touts their free WiFi but, the girl in front of me had her laptop out to listen to music and had to awkwardly place it, rendering it completely unusable for anything else.

Squished into the window seat and thankful I was sitting next to someone I know, we began the trip to NYC.  Due to the delay in pick up, we pretty much knew were were screwed for getting into the city any where near the scheduled arrival time.  If calculations were correct, we’d be entering the city during prime rush hour traffic.  Oh joy.

Oh but, did you know that the MegaBus from Albany to NYC stops in Ridgefield, NJ?  I didn’t. If I had, I would have noted that the arrival time in New York was completely unrealistic instead of slightly unrealistic.  Ridgefield wasn’t on my itinerary and being a novice MegaBus rider, I was left out of that loop.

Anyway, we stop in this creep show of a bus stop in Ridgefield, let some random college kids off the bus and head out.  The driver gets about a mile down the road and a girl walks up to the front of the bus and starts talking to him.  Next thing you know, we’re pulling off to the side of the road on a major roadway and letting her off the bus.  Turns out she had fallen asleep and missed her stop.  Luckily her mother was following the bus so, she didn’t have to hitchhike or try to catch a cab on a semi-highway.

We didn’t even make it to the border of New York and New Jersey by the scheduled arrival time.  I was getting seriously cranky.  My iPod was in my tote bag in the overhead compartment, I was uncomfortable, the bus smelled and my fears about taking this hunk of metal to the city were coming true.

As we approached the Lincoln Tunnel, we could see the enormous line of traffic.  I don’t know how long we sat there but, it seemed like hours.  We finally ended up at our drop off location almost two hours late.

There was a literal mob of people waiting for various MegaBuses making it a pain in the ass to get off the bus.  Then there was the task of retrieving my luggage from under the bus.  The driver had oh so carefully discus tossed my suitcase into the compartment and it ended up way in the back.  Some jackass with a hooker girlfriend went and bought a hot dog from a street vendor and was nomming it grossly while taking up valuable space in the luggage line waiting for her hooker luggage.  Thankfully an intelligent and irritated college girl climbed into the luggage bay and started pushing luggage forward.  Thanks to her I was able to grab my bag and head toward a taxi stand before the hot dog nommer finished his hot dog.

Did I mention our bus driver was useless?  Because he was.  Seriously useless.

I said it a couple times (probably more) on the way down but, I will never again take MegaBus.  I’m sure it works for some people but it is all my fears and anxieties about travel manifested in one hunk of metal on wheels.  On the train ride home, derryX and I agreed that the train is, without a doubt, worth the extra money – plenty of room, power outlets, so much cleaner and no traffic in the armpit of America to hold you up.


7 thoughts on “I Blame You New Jersey

  1. We should tweet these stories to MegaBus and see what they do. If they give us free MegaBus trips, you should use them as blog giveaways. It’s the perfect irony!

    • No thanks. If they have any sense in social media tracking, they’ve seen my tweets already. If they wanted to give me something, it should just be an apology. I would never giveaway anything here that I wouldn’t want for myself.

  2. Well, in the very least, I’d like to add that, while I don’t condone the terrible service that we experienced on the MegaBus, whether you travel MegaBus or Amtrak, the probability of a stranger taking an epic dump in the on-board toilet prior to departure is equally likely on both, as we experienced this past weekend.

    • I’ve actually never thought the train was too bad and I’m really really picky when it comes to things like that. It put a slight damper on the beginning of the trip but, the rest was great.

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