Dirty & Sexy? I’m In.

I’ve been following Meghan McCain on Twitter for quite a while now.  I honestly don’t remember how I found her but, it was after the election and the GQ incident but, before the TwitPic controversy.  I found her to be fun, insightful and refreshing.  I also like that, while being a staunch Republican, she has progressive views and is open to discussion.

Anyway, I was impressed and when I heard that she was writing a book about her time on the campaign trail with her dad, I was excited.  I followed the 2008 presidential race as carefully as I could stomach.  It was the second presidential race I could vote in but, the first I actually cared about.  Not going to lie, the introduction of Sarah Palin to the race made it much easier to follow.  It was like watching a train wreck…you don’t want to see what’s going on but you can’t look away.  Meghan’s book promised to be a no holds barred account of her time with the election and the drama junkie in me couldn’t wait.

Well, this drama junkie was not disappointed.  Of course she talks about Sarah Palin, finding out that Bristol was pregnant and the Palin’s infamous speech on election day.  However, it’s her stories of being disliked by her dad’s campaign staff, feeling ostracized and actually getting kicked off the campaign that I really found interesting.  Is any of it shocking?  Not at all.

The book is all of 194 pages long and written more like a series of short stories or diary entries.  Each chapter is broken down into what could have been a longer, more concise chapter but, it works for an easy read.  Here’s the thing, Meghan writes like she speaks and, for someone like me, that works really well.  I tend to write like I speak…so obviously I can appreciate her style. Others may not and may find it to be more like an unedited rambling.  It’s all in how you look at it.

Dirty Sexy Politics won’t go down in history as a must read memoir but, it is an interesting and worth the one to two days that it might take you.


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