Freeing My Mind: Question 2

As part of my 101 in 1001, I decided to answer the “50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind” which can be found here.  Although I’m skeptical, my mind could use some freeing and I’m up for trying.

Question 2: Which is worse, failing or never trying?

As a general rule, I believe that never trying is worse than failing.  “What if”s can tear at your brain if you never try to do something you are interested in.

However, I hate failing.  I mean, I don’t think anyone actually likes it but, failing is one of the worst things in the world to me.  It’s the mind of a perfectionist.  Many times, if I think I can’t do something, I won’t do it because I don’t want the mental anguish of failing.

Getting over the almost debilitating fear of failing is something that I’ve been working on for years.  I’ve tried many things over the past few years that I would have never done before because I was afraid to fail.  I’ve tried to set up my mind to realize that it’s about the experience not the end result.  It’s a continuous process and something I’ll probably always struggle with but, I’m getting better.

Final Answer: Never Trying

What’s your take?


One thought on “Freeing My Mind: Question 2

  1. Not trying for sure. I can deal with being bad at something as long as I tried. Besides, I’m pretty good at getting better at something and seeing what went wrong in order TO fail and not do it again.

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