Tuesday 20: Me!

As part of my 101 in 1001 list, I decided to start a “20 interesting things” series that’ I’m calling Tuesday 20. You can find my list of 101 things here and all Tuesday 20s here.

In honor of my 24th birthday this Sunday, October 24, this week’s Tuesday 20 is about me!  And…it comes with a bonus!  Since I’m turning 24, you get 24 fun facts about me.  Here we go!

  1. I was born at St. Peter’s Hospital.  It’s not the only time in my life that I was late but, it’s one of the few.  I wasn’t in good shape when I was born.  I inhaled some stuff and my lungs didn’t appreciate it.
  2. My mom wanted to name me Cassandra so she could call me Cassie.  From what I’ve heard, my dad didn’t see the use in naming me for a nickname and said they should just name me Cassie. (I’m also not sure he put it so nicely.)
  3. I love my name because it’s kind of different.  Professionally, it would be much easier to be named Cassandra, though, so people wouldn’t think I said “Cathy” when introducing myself or pronounce it “Casey” after seeing it.
  4. My middle name is my maternal grandmother’s name, Elaine.
  5. I have two sisters – Wendy and Melissa.  Neither one is my “full” sister but, both are just as important as if they were.  Wendy is 16 years older than me and Melissa is 5 years older than me.
  6. Yes, my hair is naturally blonde.  It is, however, a little darker than I like it so, I lighten it up every couple of months.
  7. My blonde hair is probably darker than I’d like because for about 4 years, I dyed my hair every shade of red possible.
  8. I was a cheerleader for a long time.  I started in Pop Warner and was a cheerleader in high school.
  9. I used to play piano and the flute.  I was first chair (meaning section leader) for flue in my high school band.  I was moved up to the “serious” band but, had no plans on being serious about it so, I asked to be moved back.
  10. I’ve had the same best friend for 20 years.  She’s managed stick with me through some ridiculous stuff and I couldn’t ask for a better friend.
  11. I didn’t see The Wizard of Oz until I was a freshman in college.  My mom would try to make me watch it when I was little but, I could never get past Toto being taken by the witch.
  12. I have a 4 year old maltese poodle mix named Emma Hazel.  She’s named after my great-grandmother, Hazel Emma, who passed away around the time Emma was born.
  13. I had surgery on both my knees in high school to release a tendon and remove scar tissue.  I still have trouble with my right knee sometimes.
  14. At one time, I had 12 piercings.  Now, I have two (one in each ear).
  15. I don’t have any tattoos but, there’s one that I’ve always wanted.
  16. In college I studied, marketing, management, interior design, finance, communications and public relations.
  17. My first job was as a page at my local library when I was 14.  My job was to pretty much clean the library and shelve the books.  The worst part was “reading” the shelves.  I had to go through the shelves and make sure they were all in the correct order.
  18. I taught Sunday School for four years.  I was never sure about the religion part of it but, I enjoyed working with the kids that I taught.
  19. I never forget my first impression of someone.  Most of the time, my first impression is dead on but, there are some I have been wrong about.
  20. I love strawberries and blueberries.  Absolutely love them.  I’m always kind of sad when berry season is over.
  21. I hate, hate, hate cold weather and snow.  There is not a molecule in my body that was cut out for upstate New York in the winter but, I love it almost every other time of year.
  22. I cannot stand the smell of squash (including pumpkins).  The smell makes me nauseous.  My parents always had to carve out the inside of the pumpkin for me at Halloween.
  23. I love to cook and try new recipes but, I get really self-conscious about cooking for other people.  I’m always nervous that it will be terrible.
  24. I would have never imagined that I would meet one of my best friends and my boyfriend through Twitter.  It was a very pleasant surprise.

Did I miss something that you wanted to know?  Ask away…


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