For You

I may have mentioned a couple times that my birthday was Sunday.  I’m officially 24 years old and 1 year away from being able to rent a car without paying a huge premium (because, ya know, I need to rent a car oh so often…).

I’ll have a full recap in the next few days of all the weekend activities which included a wine tour and some fun little excursions.  But, before all that, I just want to say


to everyone that called, texted, facebooked and tweeted to wish me a happy birthday.  I think I kept up and was able to thank you all individually but, if not, I truly appreciate the thought.

I’ll get into this a little more later but, this birthday was a wonderful reminder of how lucky I am.  I have the best family, friends and boyfriend that I could ever ask for and thanks to all of them, I really enjoyed this birthday.

I’m a little sad that this weekend had to come to an end and two of my favorite people have to return to NYC today but, the memories of this weekend are the best.

Thank you again for all the birthday wishes!

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