A Question on Relationships

I was catching up on my reader Tuesday since I totally ignored it Friday – Monday and saw this post from Mrs. G of Derwad Manor.  The questions are very timely for me.  Since I don’t like when people respond to a post on their own blog, I posted my response in her comments but, wanted to share it here.

Here is what she asked:

1) How do you define a healthy, satisfying friendship?

2) Have you established meaningful online relationships, friendly or romantic?

My answers:

Question 1

A healthy, satisfying friendship is one that is mutually beneficial.  Both parties need to bring something to the table that enhances the relationship.  Basically, the people involved should compliment each other in some way.  For example, my best friend and I could be the same exact person sometimes however, we are amazing at solving each other’s problems.  When we don’t know what to do for ourselves, we can turn to each other and know that the other person will have exactly the right answer (although, not always the one we’re looking for).

I know that I could randomly call up anyone I consider a friend and there would be no hesitation in our conversation (and vice versa).  That, to me, is a healthy and satisfying relationship.

Question 2

I’ve established a few great relationships online – both friendly and romantic.  I met one of my favorite friends, a couple close friends and my boyfriend through Twitter.  If you had asked me when I signed up if I expected that to happen, I would have told you that you were crazy.

Thanks to social media, you end up meeting people you probably wouldn’t have otherwise and knowing more about the people you meet.  I think it’s an amazing tool for finding friendships, sorting out friends and non-friends and keeping track of the people you’re not sure about.  Twitter kind of gives you a look into who a person is because, even if they are putting on an act, eventually the facade will subside and they’ll show their true colors…both for the good and the bad.

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