Birthday Recap: A Pictorial

On Saturday we went on a wine tour.  We drank some wine.  We bought some wine.  The guy in front of me bought earplugs at our second pick up location because he apparently hated the sound of my voice.  And some stuff happened that was much funnier the next day than it was at the time.

See…I wasn’t kidding about the earplugs.

Then, on my actual birthday, I got two awesome gifts – a Kindle from Jerry and a digital camera from Mom & Dad.  Totally awesome gifts.

I celebrated with family and friends by eating Mom’s homemade macaroni and cheese.  There was also ice cream cake that she decorated with Skittles.  I may like frozen Skittles more then regular Skittles.  It was the best.

On the final day of celebration, Humberto, Jerry and I started off with breakfast at Quintessence (only because Miss Albany was closed) and then attempted to go pumpkin picking.  Except, there’s no real picking in the pumpkin picking process at Goold Orchards.  It’s kind of like they pick the pumpkins out of the patch and then toss them on the ground for you to pick up.  Price Chopper may have been a better option.

So, we took some funny photos with their cut outs.

And Humberto picked the only remaining apple in the orchard which was totally inedible.

After consuming apple cider and cider donuts from Goold Orchards (in lieu of a pumpkin) we headed up to Saratoga where Humberto tried the water at every fountain in Congress Park.

We stopped at Saratoga Salsa and Spice Company (more for Jerry and Humberto’s benefit than mine), had a light lunch at Uncommon Grounds and picked up dessert at Mrs. London’s.

We also stopped at Dawgdom so I could buy some mini puppie cuppies made by Bettie’s Cakes…which totally grossed out Humberto.  Then we headed back to Albany to grab dinner at Justin’s and see Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Palace Theater with my sister, Melissa, and a few friends.

And this is what our seats looked like after the show.

And this is just gross and scary.  (Yes, there is someone under there.)

It was a pretty awesome weekend full of family, friends and fun.  I was so happy that I got the chance to spend my birthday with the people I love.  Thanks again for all the birthday wishes…24 should be a good year.

Oh!  And Emma totally loved her puppie cuppie.


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