Tuesday 20: Election Day

As part of my 101 in 1001 list, I decided to start a “20 interesting things” series that’ I’m calling Tuesday 20. You can find my list of 101 things here and all Tuesday 20s here.

Today is Election Day in the United States.  If you live in New York, find your polling place here.  If you live anywhere else, Google has you covered.

Today’s Tuesday 20 isn’t really 20 individual facts.  Rather, it’s some voter information that you can probably find 20 facts in.

Election Day in the United States always falls on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.  This means that the earliest it could be is November 2 (as it is today).  This year we are in a mid-term election which means that we are two years into a Presidency.  Next year will be an “off” year and the year after is a Presidential year.

Election Day in New York State is special this year because it is the first time since 1913 that all six of New York’s statewide offices are up for election.  This is occurring because we have a special election for the US Senate seat.

New York has two United States Senators (currently Chuck Shumer and Kirsten Gillibrand) who are both up for election.

The New York State Legislature is comprised of the Senate and the Assembly.  Currently the Senate has 62 seats and the Assembly has 150 seats, all of which are up for election.

New York will also be voting for Governor.  After Eliot Spitzer resigned, David Patterson took over.  However, Patterson has decided to not seek election to a full term so, all candidates are new to the office.

I’m not going to put pressure on anyone to vote or give you a guilt trip if you don’t vote.  It’s totally your choice.  I know a lot of people say that their vote doesn’t matter and I honestly don’t know enough about politics and voting to tell you otherwise.  My feeling has always been that we are granted this freedom that many others around the world are not and I’m all for taking advantage of that.  The only thing I will do is encourage you to educate yourself on your rights as a citizen of the United States and of whatever state you live in.

Happy Election Day! or Happy Tuesday!  Whichever you choose.



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