Friday Five: Positive Thoughts Edition

It’s been a seriously long week.  Work has been hugely successful this week but, the success has involved much stress.

To top it off, my car had to be a PITA this week and fail to start a few times.  Thankfully, the good guys at Pep Boys checked it out last night, gave my battery a full charge and gave my car a clean bill of health…all for no charge.  Thank you Pep Boys.  I need wiper blades and a running light so, I’ll see you soon.

With that, here’s this week’s Friday Five from Mrs. G.

1.  Are you a morning or a night person?

I used to be a morning person (or kind of a lack of sleep person).  I would love to get back to that but, it seems that I’m more of a night person.  I find it much easier to function after work than before work.  There are days, though, where I am up super early and enjoying a fresh morning.

2. You’re having dinner with friends. They all start gossiping about another friend of yours. What do you do?

This doesn’t happen to me much.  Maybe it’s because my friends are usually friends with each other or don’t overlap but, I rarely experience this.  If the person they were gossiping about is truly a friend to me, I would defend the person.

3. What is the worst job you’ve ever had?

Bridal consultant at David’s Bridal.  That place is the worst and there are far too many psychotic brides out there.  It completely turned me off to the idea of ever having a “traditional” wedding.  Traditional was never my thing in the first place but, now I would never consider it.  Also, I’d like to never step foot in that store again.

4. What magazines do you subscribe to?

I used to not subscribe to magazines because I could never find one that I wanted to read every month.  However, I got a Kindle for my birthday and you can subscribe to magazines on it.  So, I subscribed to Shape and I have a free trial of Bloomberg Businessweek .

5. What is your favorite restaurant in your area?

I love The Ginger Man in Albany.  It’s not that they have the greatest food (although it is good) but, I have a lot of memories of the place that involve my sister and friends and fun times.



4 thoughts on “Friday Five: Positive Thoughts Edition

  1. I posted something else today so I’ll answer here:
    1. I’m a night person mostly, but I’m finding it difficult to sleep past 8am anymore.

    2. It depends on who and what. Most of my friends don’t talk about each other OR we all have the same concerns about each other.

    3. I don’t know that I’ve had bad jobs. I’ve had jobs that I enjoyed less than others, but I ended up finding something good about them eventually.

    4. I subscribe to Psychology Today and Martha Stewart Living. I love them both.

    5. Depends on what I want. For sushi I hit up Hokkaido in Glenmont, for burgers I get over to 5 Guys, for pizza it’s usually Mild Walleys…

  2. As a girl I belonged to an organization that taught a technique called “The Triangle of Protection.” I’ve always remembered it and try to practice it: if someone says something negative about a person, you respond with three positive comments about the person (figuratively surrounding the person in a protective triangle of positivity). I find when I respond that way the people projecting the negativity usually acknowlege the positive points and turn the conversation in a different direction. This, of course, works with everyone except my mother.

    • I don’t remember you ever telling me about this technique but, it seems easy enough. Although, it will never work on Gram. She is an iron box of negativity undaunted by positive comments.

      • Too true. Interestingly enough, she was taught the same technique in the same organization (masonic) when she was a girl. Guess it didn’t stick.

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