Your Post is Just a Lie

My good friend Cute~Ella has a wonderful post up today about lying while blogging.  You should read it and come back…like now.  I’ll wait here.

Back? Great.

I didn’t want to leave a full blog post in her comments because that would make me look like one of those long-comment-leaving jerks but, I have some thoughts I want to share.

I’ve seen quite a few posts lately where, after reading them, I’ve come away shaking my head.  In one or two instances, I’ve known the person and know that the post is, at the very least, heavily sugar coated.  A lot of the time, I don’t know the person well enough to prove that they are lying but, I can tell by their writing.

If you’re telling a personal story or asking for opinions, what is the point of lying?  The world is not made of rainbows and unicorns and everyone who reads your sugar coated lovefest of a blog post is going to know that you are not being totally honest.

I think the point of a blog in which you delve into any of your personal life is to share stories and experience that readers might relate to on some level.  If you’re afraid of criticism or negative reactions than you probably shouldn’t be blogging in the first place.  If you are blogging and are afraid of those things on a particular post you’re writing, than don’t freakin’ post it.  Simple as that.

People you know are going to read your post 99.9% of the time.  You are now lying to people you know – some that you love, some that you like and some that you hate.  Are you going to tell those that you love and like that your post wasn’t necessarily true?  What if you end up needing help with the situation you said was so great or if you want advice from them?  Now you have to tell them that it wasn’t all peachy and you just let them think that because you were too afraid to tell the truth on your stupid blog.

Lying in writing is no different than lying in a conversation.  Most blog posts are written with the intent of having a conversation it’s just in the form of comments.  No one likes to be lied to and the feeling is the same no matter what form the lie comes in.

If you’re going to lie to everyone in a post than you’re just lying to yourself and you should really think about that.  Honestly, that’s what it comes down to in the end.  Think about why you are lying.

No matter what you do, there will always be supports and haters.  There will always be someone judging you.  There will always be someone that relates to you.  And, most likely, there will always be someone that will call you out on your lie.  You should hope that that someone does it nicely.


I try to be truthful about everything I write on this blog.  I cannot think of any instance where I’ve lied.  I can think of plenty of times I’ve written a post and not published it for various reasons.  I’m not saying I’m better than anyone else.  I’m saying that I don’t understand the point of writing if you’re not writing from your heart, mind and soul.  Write who you are, not who you want to be.

I’m not a pro at blogging (as I’m sure you can tell) but, I do read a lot.  I know that I relate more to the people that are real in their writing than those that are overly edited and come off as fake.  If you’re scared of sharing feelings, emotions, troubles, loves, whatever…I don’t find anything wrong with an anonymous blog as long as your purpose isn’t to hurt others.  My best advise is to embrace who you are and go with it.  You’ll find the most reward in that.

A kinda disclaimer: This post was totally just a reason for me to use that picture of the unicorn….kidding but, I think the picture is too funny.


4 thoughts on “Your Post is Just a Lie

  1. Wait, so if I say in a blog post that I lost my laptop to avoid wishing you a Happy Birthday, yet provide links and images galore, I am lying?

    I just want to make sure I fully understand the parameters.

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