Tub Of Cubs

I received an email from the World Wildlife Fund the other day promoting potential holiday gifts.  One of the items stuck out and I thought that it would be a great gift for a little kid or maybe a kid at heart.

It’s called a Tub of Cubs.  For a $50 donation you get a tiger cub, a snow leopard cub and a cheetah cub plush in a FSC-certified wooden bucket.  You also get an adoption certificate with animal info and a photo.

I think these are all great things for a child in kindergarten or early elementary school.  they get three toys and it’s a great opportunity to talk to them about conservation, animals and the environment.  Even if you don’t want to talk about that stuff with the kid…it’s a tubof cubs.  Nearly irresistible on the cuteness scale.

If this isn’t your cup of tea, check out the WWF Gift Center.  There are a ton of other cute and/or useful items like a River Otter.  It could be your next office mascot.


Unfortunately Necessary Disclaimer:  I didn’t get paid to write any of this.  No one gave me anything.  All donation that I make to WWF are by my own free will and want.  I wrote this because I think the stuff is cute and I wanted to share.  K? Thanks.


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