The First Available Appointment is When?

So, I found a new gym and was ready for step two.  I decided I wanted to start seeing a nutritionist for some guidance.

Years ago I saw a nutritionist with my family.  I was fairly young and I think it lasted for a year.  I don’t remember much about it other than who she was, where her office was and what it looked like.  I also knew that I didn’t want to go back to her.  I needed a fresh start; not someone who already had a file on me from when I was a pre-teen.

My first step was finding a list of nutritionists that accepted my insurance.  Thankfully, my insurance company has a handy website where I can search for a specific type of doctor in an area.  I found one that was right around the corner from work.  Awesome!

Next, I called my insurance company to verify that she was a participating doctor and that I didn’t need a referral from my doctor.  Another success.

I was feeling great about this and then I called the nutritionist’s office.  Her first available appointment was three weeks away.  What?  Ugh.  I made the appointment because I will go through with this damnit.  They sent me the pre-appointment paperwork which I diligently filled out.  It also asked for a three day food record.

Fast forward three weeks and I have to cancel the appointment because an important work meeting gets moved to right when I was supposed to be meeting with the nutritionist.  Wonderful.

When I called to reschedule the appointment (a mere day later) the first available appointment was six weeks away.  Seriously?  I thought that was a little ridiculous but, I took the appointment and asked to be put on a cancellation list.  The receptionist kindly obliged.  Plus one for kindness I suppose.

Thankfully, I hadn’t filled out the three day food journal yet.  I’ve been sporadically keeping my own food journal and had planned to just transfer three days from there to the paper.  I guess now I will wait to do that until it’s closer to my appointment.

Some may say that I should just find another nutritionist but, I’m stuck now.  I want to give this one a chance because the convenience of her office will help me and, part of me thinks that if it’s so hard to get an appointment with her, people must like her.  The popularity game at it’s best.

That was all a few weeks ago and I haven’t heard anything about a cancellation yet so, I’m still waiting on this part.

2 thoughts on “The First Available Appointment is When?

  1. I give you a lot of credit. I’ve resisted blogging my own weight issues and what I plan to do about them because, well, I don’t want it out there for the public. For me, I think it’s an accountability thing. Kudos to you!

    I tend to agree with you on your thought process about the nutritionist. If she’s that hard to see, that must count for something.

    • Thanks! For me, it’s not so much about weight as it is about feeling healthy and being healthier. There are a ton of health issues that run in my family – diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure – you name it, we probably have it in our blood line. So that’s a huge reason why I want to be more conscious of my health. The other reason is just to feel better. I used to be a semi-athlete and enjoy working out and I felt great. I had more energy and didn’t feel so…blah. So that’s another big reason. While it would be great to loose weight (and it’s the ultimate goal, really) I just want to feel better and know that I’m taking care of myself again.

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