Shaking the Box

I love, love, love giving gifts.  For Christmas, I work really hard at finding the perfect gift for everyone on my list.  I always want to give something thoughtful, useful and that the person will like.

Of course, I also love getting gifts, too…I mean, who doesn’t?  When it comes to getting gift, though, I love them to be a surprise.  I don’t mind giving gift givers a general idea of what I want but, I truly love a good surprise gift.  Since I love surprises, I obviously don’t go snooping around for my gifts.  I also won’t speculate on what is in a box.  I don’t want to stress myself out about it or to ruin a surprise so I just don’t think about it.

Other people I know hate surprises and start speculating as soon as they see the box their gift is in.  Like when I tweeted this picture…

And someone found out that the offending picture was their gift and has since been speculating over what the gift could possibly be.  Said person has also calculated the approximate size of the box based on knowing the dimensions of my kitchen table.  I refuse to answer any questions about the box or it’s contents.  In my mind, guessing ruins the surprise.

So, what camp are you in?  Do you want the surprise or do you need to know?



4 thoughts on “Shaking the Box

  1. I love surprises. My brother was a notorious snoop, even using razor blades to carefully unwrap and then retape packages shut. I duct-taped his present (wrapped the whole thing in duct tape) one year just to thwart him. But for snoops, I usually box things up in bigger boxes and pad with paper, logs, or other things just to throw them off.

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