The First Appointment May Be Never

It turns out my first appointment with the nutritionist may be never.  I received a call from the receptionist yesterday; she had called my insurance company to verify coverage.  Apparently, my insurance company told her that they only cover the visit if I’ve been diagnosed with diabetes.  That’s not quite what I was told when I called so, I had to cancel my appointment until I figure this out.

I think it’s silly that I have to be diagnosed with diabetes in order to have a nutrition appointment covered.  Isn’t it bad enough that my genetic makeup is working against my health?  Apparently not.

For now, the plan is to eat healthy, continue working out and to kick it into high gear after the holidays.  As of today there are 67 days until derryX and I leave for Puerto Rico.  Oh, you didn’t hear about that?  Well, we’ll be spending a week in San Juan at a gorgeous resort in an ocean view room.  One day will be solely dedicated to laying on the beach and having someone bring us drinks.  No joke.  That’s happening.  I could not be more excited but, I seriously need to kick the work out up a few notches after the holiday in preparation.  So, here goes nothing with that.

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