In Retrospect

As 2010 comes to an end and everyone looks forward to the next year, we all find 1,001 recap and resolution posts.  This is one of those but, I’m going to try keep it short.

The first half of this year saw a lot of changes for me.  From moving and ending toxic friendships to nurturing and growing other wonderful friendships, starting a new relationship and really digging in to the my new job.  It was a tumultuous time and, at times, I wasn’t sure I would come out on top.

Everything settled in early June I was a little worn out but, things were looking up.  The second half of the year ended up being nothing but positive.  Everything turned out for the best and my life continued to improve.

My relationship with my parents has grown in a wonderful, positive direction and I could not be happier about that.  They are amazing people and I’m so glad that, given my mistakes and poor choices, they were still there when I needed them.  They helped me move back to a positive life and continue to support me and help me every day.

Getting rid of toxic friendships left me more time to nurture and grow positive friendships and because of that I have some amazing new-ish friends.  Thanks to them I’ve had a lot of fun this year.  Those great friendships also led to the new relationship.  I always believed (while, admittedly, not putting it into practice) that you should find someone that compliments your life…not complicates it or matches it but, compliments it.  I’ve found that compliment.

I was able to travel a bit in the second half of this year.  Jerry and I went to my favorite city, Boston.  I took my first official trip to Washington DC with Mom.  And, I made a ton of trips to New York City.  I love to travel, even if it’s just for a weekend, and being able to take these trips is a huge blessing and a sign of the positive changes I’ve made.  There will definitely be more traveling in 2011…in fact, there are 2 trips already planned.

I’m thankful for the year that was, the person that it’s made me, the lessons I’ve learned and the blessings it’s brought to me.  I won’t be sad to see it go, though because I’m looking forward to all the things that 2011 will bring.  I won’t be making any resolutions for 2011.  I think I get bored too easily for resolutions.  I’ll just say that I’m going to continue to live my life in a positive manner, continue to learn and grow and continue to nurture those great friendships and my relationship.

My best wishes to all of you in the new year.  See you in 2011.


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