You Look Like You’ve Lost Weight

I’ve been working out and eating healthier for a couple months now but, I”ve really hunkered down in the past couple weeks.  The other day a coworker told me I look like I’ve lost weight.  This was followed with a discussion of how it can be weird to compliment someone on weight loss because it’s very easy to offend some people.

While I appreciate the compliment (and I told her so), it made me wonder a bit if I really did look like I lost weight (I have but, don’t think it shows) or if the compliment stemmed from the knowledge of my new routine.  I think people instinctively compliment someone when they know they are working out and eating healthier.

So here’s the question – does anyone feel this way when their complimented? Or am I just reading too much into it?  Also, do you compliment friends and acquaintances on weight loss or do you steer clear of that topic?


5 thoughts on “You Look Like You’ve Lost Weight

  1. If I notice it, I’ll be like “Hey skinny, look at you!” or something like that. But only if I notice it. I’m pretty terrible with keeping up with remembering anyone’s exercise schedule.

  2. At a previous job, I complimented a lady who lost a lot of weight, and she was insulted and told me she was sick with cancer.

    I felt like crap, so I don’t compliment people any more unless I know their circumstances.

  3. I think there is a tact issue with asking or remarking directly about weight loss.

    If I was aware that someone had undertaken a lifestyle change I would simply say that they looked really great and leave it at that. I am a little (lot) obtuse about noticing what specifically is different about a person so I will always say “something looks different to me” if the person is close enough to make that conversation something that should actually be happening. That might sound like an odd thing to say to someone but it suits my personality…..wait, obtuse and odd. Ummm…

  4. Congrats! Your hard work is paying off 🙂

    I ran into a similar comment yesterday and laughed it off because I’m not ready to deal with it – even though what she said is true.

    I typically don’t say anything unless it’s drastic or I know they’ve been working on it…if it’s stress related who wants to be reminded and if I’m wrong that’s worse.

  5. You know…I’ve been trying to lose weight these past couple months…and for the the first time I’ve been openly telling people about my diet (I usually keep it to myself as if its a dirty little secret). But when people comment on who I look…it kind of gives me an uneasy feeling. ONLY because like you said even though I know I’ve lost weight…I don’t feel like I LOOK like I’ve lost weight.

    Plus…some people have the nerve to say some things like “you should lose more.” That’s never a fun comment…

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