The First Time

Answer: This Sunday when I am leaving for my very first trip to Puerto Rico!  It will be my first vacation in I don’t know how long that is longer than a weekend and I don’t have a commitment to family, friends or family of friends.  It will be awesome.

I’ll be sure to have a ton of pictures when I get back…and maybe I’ll have edited some of those pictures on things to I wanted to post about from the past two months.  Just maybe, though.

The goal is to not be on Twitter or Facebook much while I’m there so, if something catastrophic happens I’ll probably miss it.  Anyway, enjoy your week next week and I’ll be sure to whine about the cold and post pictures of a sunny, warm beach when I get back.

P.S. Dear would-be robbers, I live with my parents (both of which work from home) and three dogs. Good luck with that. XO, Me

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