{Hotel Tour} Conrad San Juan Condado Plaza

Thanks to my Hilton employee discount, we were able to stay at the beautiful Conrad San Juan Condado Plaza resort.  We booked a “king superior” room with an ocean view.  Each room at the Condrad has a private balcony with either a city view, ocean view or lagoon view.  The hotel is comprised of two towers that are connected by an over the road, enclosed walkway.  One tower is on the ocean side and the other is on the lagoon side.  The major parts of the hotel including the front desk, two pools, fitness center, three of the restaurants and the casino are in the ocean tower.

We arrived at the hotel around 9:30pm on Sunday and the first thing I noticed, after being kindly greeted by the doormen, is that they really like their neon.

The front desk is completely neon, as is the small, trendy bar to the left a bit.  The decor is very modern with furniture in bright, bold colors.  To the side of the front desk, there is a small, seating area with a beautiful, tri-sectioned (I may have made the word up) salt water aquarium.

I am obsessed with aquariums so, I adored this feature and spent some time looking at it over the six days that we stayed.  There was a small shark in the middle section and blowfish and clown fish in the other sections with a bunch of other really cool fish that I can’t identiry.

Right behind the aquarium is the bar with a lounge, banquet space and a covered porch looking out on the ocean.  We didn’t go to the bar while we were there but, it was pretty busy and the lounge was beautiful.  I wasn’t on vacation to get dolled up though so, we stuck to the places I could go in my t-shirt and leggings.

The modern decor of the lobby is carried through the entire hotel – from the elevators to the hallways and into the rooms.

Our room was on the fifth floor on the west end of the building which is where the pools are located.  The door opens to a small hallway in which the beautiful bathroom is located and that leads to the bedroom/living room area.  The bathroom is gorgeous.  It starts with two sliding doors.

The first thing you see is the beautiful, dark wood vanity.  I love dark wood with white/cream accents.  It’s one of my all time favorite looks.  I think it makes a bathroom look sleek with a hint of strength and style.

To the left are a simple glass shower and the dresser, closet and hospitality station which includes a safe (large enough for most laptops but not my 17″ monster laptop) and mini fridge.  There is also a coffee maker which we did not try and a $7 bottle of Fiji water.

The mostly white room is accented by the dark wood and touches of red and orange which includes a red wall.  The bed is a gorgeous platform bed with lighted boxes on either side and a little reading light over the pillow.  The centerpiece of the bed is a beautiful black and white photo of calla lilies.

What I didn’t take a photo of was the cute and comfortable L-shaped couch with a small round coffee table that is to the left of the bed if you are looking at the photo above.  I also didn’t take a photo of the simple table/desk that held the flat screen (pivoting) TV, a small lamp and power ports for the laptop.  I was probably distracted by the full glass wall that lead out to our balcony with this amazing view…


Obviously that was the view the next morning…my camera didn’t want to take any acceptable photos of the night view but, trust me, it was breathtaking.

5 thoughts on “{Hotel Tour} Conrad San Juan Condado Plaza

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  2. Best review. I felt like I was just there (My wife and I were there last year). Thanks for reminding us beutiful memories.

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