{Book Review} Mandela’s Way

On a whim I picked up Mandela’s Way by Richard Stengel during my pre-vacation library spree. this vacation was about relaxing and finding serenity and a book on lessons from Nelson Mandela seemed like the perfect accompaniment.

Richard Stengel wrote Nelson Mandela’s autobiography with him and the book Mandela’s Way is a compilation of fifteen lessons he’s taken away from his many conversations with Mandela.  At first, I was skeptical as to how much information Stengel could actually have to warrant the writing of a book.  As I started to read the book, though, I learned more about Stengel’s relationship with Mandela. Not only did he assist in the writing of Mandela’s autobiography but, he developed a very close personal relationship with Mandela to the point that Mandela is his son’s godfather.

The lessons that Stengel outlines seem strange at first but, Stengel is a great storyteller and he relates each lesson to a web of stories from Mandela.  Each lesson is valuable and truly relatable to life. I definitely felt like I learned something from reading this book.  My only complaint, however, is that by lesson 12 or 13, I felt like Stengel was running out of stories and grasping for lessons to make it to 15. Although I felt the lessons towards the end were still valuable, the stories behind them started to diminish and they felt lesser than the previous lessons.

I would definitely recommend reading this book if you’re looking for something. The stories are enjoyable and, as I said, I really did feel like I took something away from the book. I appreciated the lessons and will remember them for use in the future.


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