Bark for Life

On April 30, my dog Emma and I will be participating Bark for Life, a walk for dogs and their owners to raise money for The American Cancer Society.  Although there are quite a few walks for cancer, this one has special meaning to Emma and I.  See, Emma’s full name is Emma Hazel.  She is named after my wonderful great-grandmother, Hazel Emma, who was a cancer survivor and passed away shortly before Emma came into my life.  I truly admired my great-grandmother.  She was a wonderful, intelligent, beautiful woman.  It may seem strange that I named my dog after a woman that I love and admire but, it is perfect to me.  So, on April 30, Emma and I will not only be participating but, we’ll be walking in memory of great-grandma Hazel.

If you’d like to make a donation to The American Cancer Society on behalf of Emma and I, please visit our personal donation page.  I know many of you donated to the MDA event that I participated in last month and I truly appreciate your donations.  Please don’t feel obligated to donate again.  More than asking for donations, I encourage everyone to come to the event.  There will be fun booths for dogs and their owners and if you’re a dog lover, there will be tons of dogs to love.  I hope I’ll see some of you there!


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