Fantasy Dinner Party

One of my regular reads is La Dolce Vita – a blog about interior design trends with the occasional life post thrown in.  A few weeks ago Paloma, the author, posted about who she would invite to her fantasy dinner party.  Her choices were interesting and, as she says in the post, a persons choices can say a lot about who they are or what they value in another person.

I thought it would be fun to do the same and I encourage everyone else to post your “fantasy 12” as well.  To make it a little more specific, I made sure that everyone I “invited” was still alive but, that’s really the only criteria.

The Guest List (in alphabetical order)

Adele – I am in love with her voice, her writing, her attitude and her style.

Al Roker – I’ve been watching him on TODAY since I was a little girl and I would love to hear some of his stories about the places he has gone and the people he has met.

Ann Curry – She is one of the best reporters on TV, in my opinion. Her pieces are insightful and she’s been to so many places – I want to hear about them all.

Anthony Bourdain – I love his “no bullshit” attitude towards food and life. I have a hundred questions I want to ask him about the places he has been and the food he has eaten.

Bill Clinton – I would request that he bring his saxophone and play a tune or two.

Bonnie Raitt – True story: when I was little (maybe 6 or so?) my mom took me to a Bonnie Raitt concert at SPAC. I don’t quite remember how it happened but, she managed to get us up to the stage and before she sang “I Can’t Make You Love Me” I reached up and gave her flowers. She said thank you and that she hoped I would never have to say these words…and then she sang.  It was awesome and I’ve never forgotten.

Justin Timberlake – The love of my teenage life.  We need to talk about Britney.

Lindsey Lohan – I was such a big fan in her early years…Mean Girls is one of my favorites. She probably wouldn’t show up because she’d be in jail or having one of those days but, I’d still invite her.

Martha Stewart – I am beyond fascinated by her. Everything she does seems flawless (except that whole insider trading thing) and I would hope she shared some of her secrets.

Michelle Obama – She’s smart and stylish and she seems like she has a good sense of humor.

Peyton Manning – One of my favorite football players, he seems like he would be able to tell a few jokes and share some stories.

Tom Brokaw – My favorite newscaster ever. I’ve enjoyed his books and many stories and I love his voice.

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