Scene from the Farmers Market: Corn

The Scene:  One of the smaller vendor tents at the Troy Farmers Market

Jerry is holding a plastic bag and I’m picking up ears of corn out of a wood box. I peel back the husk a little to make sure there isn’t any fungus and toss an ear into the bag. I pick up a second ear (I need 3) and start to peel back the husk when an older gentleman (OG) walks over to me and says…

OG:  Don’t peel the husk if you’re not going to buy it. {I toss the second ear in the bag}

Me:  I definitely plan to buy it as long as it’s good. {Peeling a third ear}

OG:  Don’t peel the husk or you have to buy it.

Me:  What if it’s bad? I don’t want to buy bad corn so, I’m checking it. If it’s good, I’ll buy it. If I didn’t peel back the husk and it was bad, what am I supposed to do?

OG:  Bring it back and we’ll give you another one.

Me:  So I should drive 30 minutes home to find out it’s bad then drive 30 minutes back for a 75cent ear of corn. That’s ridiculous. I’m not peeling it for fun; I’m peeling it to buy it. {We walk away to pay}

While I get where the guy is coming from since the Troy Farmers Market has turned into a mecca for inconsiderate yuppies and people without a purpose; the delivery was seriously rude. If it wasn’t my last stop after a very frustrating trip; if I didn’t already have the three ears of corn that I needed and; if I didn’t respect the vendors and their products, I would have put my corn down and walked away.  Needless to say, I’ll be buying corn from another vendor (since there was at least 4) if I go back to the Troy Farmers Market after this past weekend.


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