Salad – Roasted Garlic Honey Vinaigrette

This is the second recipe in a series about a dinner I made for my parents. Read the back story here.

I wanted to start dinner with a fresh salad topped with homemade dressing. Procuring the greens was easy since I knew exactly where to go.  I’ve been purchasing arugula and pea shoots from Little Seed Gardens at the Troy Farmers Market for several years now and they never disappoint.

The dressing was going to be a bit harder, though.  As I was perusing Big Girls Small Kitchen for other items I found this recipe for arugula salad with roasted garlic honey vinaigrette.  Looking it over, it seemed easy to follow and could be made in advance.  Perfect!

So, I took my garlic and peeled it being careful to leave the cloves whole.  I like to use this method since I usually end up slightly squishing a clove when I use the knife-smash method.

The method of roasting the garlic is a little strange to me but, it seemed to work and boy did it smell good! The garlic came out looking like little black nuggets but, I didn’t worry because they were wonderfully squishy like true roasted garlic.

Yes, those are the garlic cloves. I don’t know if they are supposed to look like that but, they worked perfectly.  So, everything goes into the little food processor and blends until it’s a dressing-like consistency.

And then you have this little jar of goodness….

The jar is a 4oz mason jar. The recipe made a tiny bit more than that but, it wasn’t significant enough to use a larger container.

I have two major notes on the recipe:

  1. Follow the measurements if you’re not used to making dressing. On my first try I though I could just eyeball everything and it would work. I was really wrong. I did make little adjustments the second time but, I started with the recipe and worked from there.
  2. When I tasted the dressing after it was done (my second attempt) it tasted seriously garlicky.  I was really afraid it would have an overpowering taste. However, on a half pound of arugula and pea shoots, it blended perfectly and the garlic was there but not the main flavor.

The recipe can be found here.  I used two products from the Troy Farmers Market for the dressing – Arugula and Pea Shoots from Little Seed Gardens in Chatam, NY and Honey from Lloyd Spear Beekeeper, Inc in Schenectady, NY (no website but, you can find them at TFM on Saturday and it looks like they are at the Schenectady FM as well).


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