Side Dish – Asparagus with Tarragon Vinaigrette

This is the third recipe in a series about a dinner I made for my parents. Read the back story here.

Dinner with mom and dad needed a couple side dishes. Both my parents like asparagus and it was in season so, I decided that would be a great addition.  Searching through my go-to site for this meal, Big Girls Small Kitchen, I found and easy recipe for asparagus with tarragon vinaigrette.  The dish was super simple to make but, I should have kept an eye on the asparagus since it cooked a little more than I wanted it to and was crisp.  It tasted great with the vinaigrette, though and I’m still trying to think of more things to use it on.

One note on this recipe – tarragon is not an herb that I was able to find fresh so, I used a dried version. Although I’m sure the fresh herb would have a stronger flavor this tasted great anyway.


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