Things Change or Stating the Obvious

When I started blogging it was a major outlet for me. I was not in a good place and I needed a way to connect with other people. I had started to find that through my activity on Twitter and I even started the (unofficially hiatus’d) Albany Tweetup. I had a lot to write about because I had no one to talk to and I’ve always had a lot to say. I had cut myself off from most of my family and friends and the one “friend” I had was a nightmare. Blogging was an amazing outlet for me. It led to so many great things and I had so much fun doing it. Thankfully, my life changed and I was able to find my way back into the light of the world, I found friends that I could talk to in real life, I was able to mend things with my family and I developed an amazing relationship with a guy who loved me despite it all and still loves me today. I can’t help but mention how lucky I am.

As my life progressed into the positive, I posted less and less. Looking back, it’s probably because I was living in the moment and enjoying the people I was with and the real life conversations I was having with them. I’m not saying blogging doesn’t give you that opportunity but, when you’ve denied yourself of real life interaction for awhile you have a lot to catch up on.

I no longer have the need for an outlet or a place to express my feelings. I have that in my real life with my friends, my family and my fiance. However, there are parts of blogging that I miss. I love to travel, cook, bake and try new places and the thing I miss most is sharing those experience with a large online community. On the cooking and baking front you can get very helpful feedback on recipes you’ve tried and new ideas. When it comes to travel, I love to take pictures and I miss sharing them. I know that when I’m looking at a new place I find pictures say so much more than a description.

Anyway, the point of my rambling is to introduce myself back to the blog world. I am making no commitment (as of right now) to blog with any particular frequency but, I am committing to posting some new things. I have pictures of places we have gone, hotel tours to post and delicious recipes I’ve been adapting from my favorite books and blogs. I don’t expect anyone to drop what they’re doing to start reading my blog again but, I hope to get back into the community for some new, more positive reasons now.


One thought on “Things Change or Stating the Obvious

  1. I look forward to your new posts! Years ago I had a much more personal blog for similar reasons. I was in a bad marriage, isolated from other people and it was my way to have contact with others. Fast forward a few years – happily remarried with my four furry “kids”, I started up my current blog to start documenting the good stuff in my life – dogs, food, etc! It’s been great a great way to connect with local people and it’s helping me love everything that’s right in my backyard.

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