Hot Fudge Sauce

I love making gifts for Christmas. I don’t get to make nearly as many as I would like to but, I do what I can. One of the things I had decided to make this year was hot fudge sauce. It’s my absolute favorite topping for ice cream. It’s not hard to make and it makes an awesome gift because it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like hot fudge. Searching the internet for recipes I found that many of them included corn syrup which I didn’t want. Then I found one on one of my favorite websites, Big Girls Small Kitchen, that was exactly what I wanted.

I’ve now used their recipe so many times, I’ve been able to tweak it a bit to fit my needs but, it still remains the same base. You can find their original recipe here. Over the course of my testing I’ve changed it so that it fills 3 pint jars (and is easily cut in half or thirds). I also converted all the measurements over to weight because that’s the only way to keep it truly consistent over time. Finally, I use both unsweetened and milk chocolate at the end and I add a double shot of espresso instead of espresso powder.

For this batch, I cut my recipe in half. I was only making one jar to give away and wanted some for the house but, not a full jar. I start by weighing out all my ingredients and having everything ready to go. Making hot fudge sauce goes pretty fast and you need to be ready with your ingredients.

The butter and cream are combined over medium-low heat until the butter is melted and it just starts to boil. Then the sugars are added to the mixture and stirred until they combine with the cream until the sugar dissolves and is no longer gritty.

Then you slowly whisk in the cocoa powder until it is smooth and thick. Remove the sauce from the heat and whisk in the remaining ingredients. Then let it sit for a couple minutes and whisk again.

After you whisk the second time, take a taste. You may want to add a little more milk chocolate or vanilla depending on your taste. Let it cool a bit and when it’s warm but, not hot, pour it into your pint jars. Then let it completely cool on the counter before putting the lid on and storing in the refrigerator. It’s important to let it cool completely or else it will crystallize in the fridge.

Mason jars make great vessels for gifts because they’re cute on their own or you can add ribbon or cloth or whatever you want. I like to tie a ribbon around the neck of the jar and attach a card with the hot fudge sauce recipe so the receiver can make their own when it’s all gone.

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