Portobello Fries

On Father’s Day I had Jerry pick up two portobello caps that I had planned on marinating and grilling along with our shrimp and burgers. They would have been awesome if I hadn’t had forgot them at home.

Left with the caps and a plan down the drain I looked for something to do with them. Then it hit me – Portobello Fries! I had pinned a recipe for them a while ago but, never had the stuff to make them when I wanted to.

The “fries” are definitely not the most attractive food but, they were delicious. I varied the spices a little bit since I don’t like too much heat (red pepper flakes) and I didn’t have any cheese. I added some thyme and onion powder and increased the garlic powder. I cut mine a little thicker than they did in the original recipe so, they took longer to cook but, it was worth it. Instead of the basil aioli I made my favorite go-to “sauce” that I use for everything from a burger topping to dipping chips. It’s super complicated…ready?

Special Sauce

Sour Cream

Prepared Horseradish

Take as much sour cream as you want and add in as much prepared horseradish that you want. Stir together. Taste test and adjust as necessary.

See…totally complicated.

I’ll definitely be making these again but, I won’t be taking a picture of them because it just doesn’t do them justice.


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