Strawberry Shortcake


I found this post in my draft folder and I have no idea why I didn’t publish it. I made this strawberry shortcake eons ago but, it was so good, it’s still worth posting. The recipe is from one of my favorite food blogs, Love and Olive Oil. Lindsey is the bloggers behind “The Cookie Dough Lovers Cookbook” which was basically written for me. I think I love cookie dough more than I love cookies and I was lucky enough to be gifted the book for my birthday. There are so many awesome recipes I’m not sure where to start.

I know strawberries are currently out of season but, I’ve used frozen strawberries for shortcake before with delicious results. Lindsey’s recipe was great, especially the cream biscuits. They were light with some flakiness and held up well to the juicy strawberries. I seem to have forgotten to take a picture of the final product so you’ll have to trust me that they came out great. Check out her recipe and enjoy the pictures!


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